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The Hours

While I shower and shave
night is growing old
as I recount my days
you simply count
and coldly mark time

this performance in fact
last, and sweetly in vain
so human, dressed and packed
let me entertain you
one more time

you watch it turn
from dark to dawn
you don't seem
to need much sleep
you're unconcerned
day is breaking like a wave
and the water's much too deep

more faithful still
than God or man
quietly you're
clocking me
ordained to fill
a baneful hourglass
without pause and without grief

if Heaven can wait
talk to Fate
give me just
one more day
as you attend
won't you please
won't you bend
won't you stay
this breach
this gold
to airy thinness beat

you watch it turn
from dark to dawn
eyes and lips and hands
I forsake
you will endure
long after we are gone
and these hearts and this wave
will break

Letra y música de Patricia Barber

3 comentarios:

  1. Es muy bella pero dura, cuando entiendes la letra.

  2. Pues eso me pasa a mí, que no entiendo aún...

  3. Bueno, pues ya está, ya la he cogido. En realidad, creo que al revés: me ha cogido ella a mí. Dura, decías. Sí... El tiempo, las horas, la finitud, es lo que tienen. Que se lo pregunten a Roy y a Deckard si no.