pink marble for Willie and Kate Carlucci

Si les apetece, amén de verla, investiguen la obra original, quién la escribe, quién la adapta, quién es ella, quién es Carlo Carlucci o Rustichelli.
Billy tenía unos 65, Jack unos 46 y Juliet unos 29. El origen de Billy y su mano derecha, I.A.L., tampoco parece casualidad, así como la religión que comparten estos dos con el autor de la obra original. Y la tristeza que me producen las brillantes comedias de Billy no parece difícil enlazarlo con la pérdida, la de la inocencia, la de la belleza, la de buena parte de su familia a manos del mundo nazi: 
Wilder's mother, grandmother, and stepfather all died in the Holocaust. For decades it was assumed that it happened at Auschwitz, but while researching Polish and Israeli archives, his Austrian biographer Andreas Hutter discovered in 2011 that they were murdered in different locations: his mother, Eugenia "Gitla" Siedlisker - in 1943 at Plaszow; his stepfather, Bernard "Berl" Siedlisker, in 1942 at Belzec and his grandmother, Balbina Baldinger, died in 1943 in the ghetto in Nowy Targ.[6]

Y sí, algo de eso se percibe de manera intuitiva:

Wilder was disappointed with the completed film. "Maybe we went overboard with some of the comic relief, because Avanti! is not a comedy", he stated. "If this film had worked the way we wanted it to, it would have had more of the quality of The Apartment. I always feel sorry for the disappointment of the actors, and all those dear technical people who do so much, when the picture doesn't make it the way they hoped . . . I went much farther with forbidden themes than I had with Kiss Me, Stupid, but nobody cared. Audiences thought it was too long and too bland. I guess they would have liked it better if it turned out the father was having the affair with one of the bellboys at the hotel."[4]

Avanti... Brillante es poco decir. Muy poco.

La escena de la iglesia, para la posteridad :