Emily y Harold del otro lado

Me gusta mucho  más cuando no hay acción, ni tiros, ni persecuciones, ni tetas. Y queda la estupefacción, el dolor y el espejo. Por ejemplo:

- The whole world is changing while you sleep.

O bien ese momento sublime en la embajada, a solas, donde ella va desgranando los dolores ocultos de la pareja rota:

- I came here in good faith.
Why do you always have to shut me out?
Is this how it's always gonna be?
You're never gonna trust me, are you?
Never gonna forgive me for the one simple fact... I didn't fold you in.
That all those years ago, I never told you what I was.

- It was a lifetime ago, Emily.
If there's any water left, it's gone under the bridge.

- I think I understand now... what pulled you to this place... how it took you away from us.

- Emily...

- I don't blame you. But I do sometimes wonder how it went so wrong.
Are we still together... over here?
Are we happy?

O los  momentos que tienen ese claro paralelismo con aquel Berlín del muro:

- This fucking place. Ruins people. The temptation. The knowledge that there is something else out there.
It breaks people down.
We should just...
We should just build a wall and never come back.

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