una honradez sin doctrina

"When love flies it is remembered not as love but as something else. Blessed are the uneducated, who forget it entirely, and are never conscious of folly or pruriency in the past, of long aimless conversations."

"Yet he was doing a fine thing - proving on how little the soul can exist. Fed neither by Heaven nor by Earth he was going forward, a lamp that would have blown out, were materialism true. He hadn't a God, he hadn't a lover - the two usual incentives to virtue. But on he struggled with his back to ease, because dignity demanded it. There was no one to watch him, nor did he watch himself, but struggles like his are the supreme achievements of humanity, and surpass any legends about Heaven."

Here, one suspects, is the athentic Forster doctrine on frienship, love, and life distilled. Doing a fine thing, because dignity demands it. We could call it: doctrineless decency.

Los dos primeros párrafos son de Maurice, de E. M. Forster.
El último párrafo pertenece a este libro.

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