la gente comete errores

Supongo que no es casualidad que en la anterior entrada trajera un diálogo entre dos personajes que son los mismos que vuelven a aparecer en este de abajo. Maravilloso último capítulo de un dramón vestido de comedia ácida y cínica.

- Can I get you a cup of tea?
- I've run out.
- Coffee?
- Run out.
- Well, I should probably be heading back to the office. Cafes are a very difficult business. You've certainly made this one very unique.
- I also fucked it into liquidation.
- OK.
- And I fucked up my family.
- Did you?
- And I fucked my friend by fucking her boyfriend.
- Right.
- And sometimes I wish I didn't even know that fucking existed. And I know that my body, as it is now, really is the only thing I have left, and when that gets old and unfuckable I may as well just kill it. And somehow there isn't anything worse than someone who doesn't want to fuck me. I fuck everything except for when I was in your office, I really wasn't trying to have sex. You know, everyone feels like this a little bit, and they're just not talking about it, or I'm completely fucking alone which isn't fucking funny.
- Right, well I should probably, erm I should probably, erm I should probably... People make mistakes.
- It's why they put rubbers on the ends of pencils.
- Is that a joke?
- I don't know.

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