víctimas y vasos de güisqui

Tan inverosímil como dura, muy dura. Tragedia ética impecable, que para eso está detrás quien está.
Si yo tuviera el placer de conocer a Lucy -estudió para abogada pero no ejerció...-, me iría gustosamente esta tarde, sobre las cinco, a lo del vaso:

It would be understandable if you felt, at this particular juncture in your own and our collective national life, unable to welcome any further uncertainty. But, if you have passed through the looking glass – often with the help of a whisky glass – as I have, and your fractured psyche is now leaning into a life where nothing is as it seems and we walk on shifting sands scattered on the backs of turtles while political event horizons make the very air quake around us, welcome to BBC One’s new drama The Victim.

El resto está aquí.

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