the edge

En el último capítulo de la segunda temporada tiene lugar una de las escenas cumbres, el por fin encuentro cara a cara de los dos protagonistas. La entrevista del recién apresado por parte de la detective se lleva veinte minutos del metraje, no por casualidad. El diálogo entre ellos es soberbio. Contiene perlas de este estilo:

Paul to Stella: The thoughts, the feelings that I experience are way beyond anything that could call fantasies. Sounds and colors are more vivid, odors more intense. My skin becomes sensitive to even the slightest of pressure... Its utterly compelling, compulsive. Nothing can pull you back from the edge. Not laws or threats of punishment, morality, religion fear of death. All of those things are as meaningless as the life you are about to extinguish.

Paul to Stella on how he waited till his 30s to start killing: You're a barren spinster so you couldnt know but small children take up all of your time.

Paul: I'm not a rapist.
Stella: You violate them. You're a rapist.
Paul: I perform no overt sexual acts on my victims.
Stella: You are driven by sexual fantasies and you act out with force. 

Stella: Where did your hatred of women come from?
Paul: I dont hate women. I hate everyone and everything including myself.

Stella: You are going to prison. How are you free?
Paul: I live at a level of intensity unknown to you and others or your type. You will never know the almost God-like power that I feel when that last bit of breath leaves a body. That feeling of complete possession.
Stella: Yes you felt empowered, invincible even. But you're under arrest.

Stella to Paul: Its an addiction, like every other.

Agüita con la cabeza de Allan.

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